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Zora's #58053

The Real Story of Zora Arkus-Duntov's 13 year journey at Chevrolet Engineering from his first "Heavy Duty Service Package" engine in 1953  to development the Mark IV 427 CID Corvette L-88 engine and the role his #58053 1965 Corvette Test Car played as the "Pilot" for his top secret thirty car 1965 Corvette L-88 Test Fleet.

After Bill Mitchell and Zora's 1966 Mid-engine XP7 Corvette was deferred six years to 1971, Zora's 1965 Corvette #58053 was re-purposed as the Test Car for one dozen secret 1966 RPO-L88 Corvettes and then repurposed again as his Test Car for the now iconic; twenty 1967 Corvette RPO-L88 Corvettes that have celebrated their 50th Birthday.

Zora’s #58053 is the incredible story of his One and Only 1965 Corvette Development L-88 Test Car! Zora never ever spoke of this Corvette during his lifetime and Bob Clift only spoke cryptically of it twice. #58053 was the first St. Louis Corvette ever assembled with a Tonawanda Production Mark IV 427 CID engine; much less an L-88 COPO Engine with a RPO-M22 COPO H. D. Four Speed! #58053 was also the first St. Louis RPO-J56 Heavy Duty Brakes & Kelsey-Hayes Proportioning Valve and A.O. Smith’s Perfect “0” Base Dimension 1965 Corvette Frame. Zora fitted #58053 with his; Prototype 1966 L-88 Cowl Induction “0-268231” Hood and Zora easily hit 150 mph on the GM Test Track.


Zora’s #58053 continued as his One and Only 1966 “Lightened Sebring” Corvette Development L-88 Test Car re-bodied as a 1966 “Tanker” with the first Sebring 12-Hour specific; Strengthened & Re-enforced Frame, Prototype “Fish-mouthed” Side Pipes with “Cross-over 90° Headers,” “Super” J-56 Sebring Race Brakes, CERV II’s Front Sway Bar & Tricked-out A-Arm Suspension and his favorite Six-Shooter Tail Lights!

Zora fitted #58053 with his; Prototype 1967 L-88 Cowl Induction “Stinger” Hood  that spawned his 1966 L-88 “Four Kings” built for Roger Penske, Don Yenko, Pedro Rodriguez and the L-88 Aluminum Head Corvette sold to Steve McQueen.

Zora’s #58053 continued on as his 1967 Corvette Development L-88 Test Car with bullet-proof; 1967 Corvette RPO-L88 Mark IV Engines and RPO-M22 Rock Crusher Four Speeds.


Zora’s Corvette Test Car #58053 is without a doubt Zora’s most personalized and well-travelled Corvette Development Test Car ever… logging more seat of the pants miles in it; most of it well above 100 MPH because that’s what Zora loved to do!


Zora often said he’d have done his job at Chevrolet for free; being paid was just a bonus.


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