Leader In Corvette


Bernard Santavy 4-30-19

I was really interested in the linkage between GM and the Federal Government in the 30’s.

Bonnie Wolf 9-4-19

I don’t believe I have ever read that the Cougar name was to be on the Corvette before. I also enjoyed seeing the typo “Courvette”.    

Marty Schorr 5-24-19

You did an absolutely incredible job, a job that could not have been done by anyone other than an “insider” as compared to a non-GM writer/author.

Christo Datini 5-6-19

Thanks again for the new book. It will make a nice reference as we navigate the coming years of “midship” Corvettes.

Billy Clement 3-14-19

You have outdone yourself again. I haven’t put it down till right now – even forgetting to breathe in certain areas and re-reading many paragraphs because they were so full of fabulous info. Thanks for the kind words on Zora’s overleaf and Elfi’s photo was superb. She was truly a follies bergère doll and Zora was lucky to have her!

Bruce Bursten 1-30-17

Ken’s new book Corvette Legend or Myth Vol I is excellent. I am about half way through it and will read it again to try and absorb all the info… Ken thanks for another great book.

Robert Mochernuk 1-23-17    

The Zora hard cover book is a very good read and the 1953 Corvette is pretty well completed... just a few more pages!!! Your books are VERY difficult to put down!!!  I am reading both books at the same time!!!

I am absorbing the info like a crazy dry sponge that sees water for the first time!!! Wonderful reading you did such a superb job!!! The research is wonderful!! The time lines so good to finally know what they did and how they did it,

Amazing to see the Ed Cole wanted Zora much earlier than his May 1st, 1953 start!!!  He could have been in it many months earlier in 1952!!!

I hope thousands of other Corvette nutty's like me buy your books!!! The books are both exquisite and informative!!!

Thank you for writing them!!! Only you could tell the Corvette story this good!!!

Kenneth’s books are a true masterpiece of historically correct facts and insights to an era and goings on that needed to be properly deciphered, digested and expanded upon. The way Kenneth understands the facts and numbers is nothing short of wonderful. We are much more than flies on the wall here, we are living in a time machine!!!!! Well done Kenneth!!!

Joel Steiglitz 8-16-19

The books tell the real stories with the internal GM documents to back them up. A detailed read if you want the real stories of how the Corvette came to be as well as evolved. Lots of myths debunked.

Kevin Kirbitz 3-29-21

Ken, you have some great books! Thank you!

Marty Schorr 3-29-21

Your latest massive missive on Buick is like your Corvette “bibles”, truly outstanding.